These are the top 10 places to eat in Dublin 2020

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1. Mulberry Garden

Mulberry Garden has been awarded the #1 spot for more than one reason.

This is a hidden gem that’s often overlooked. I could compile this list with fine restaurants that have been Michelin-starred as I already mentioned.

Mulberry Garden is second. It’s the epitome magical dining experience. You’ll feel transported to a world that is untouched by the public eye when you enter Mulberry Garden, hidden away in Donnybrook. The place will make you proud to be Irish. Everything is from the table cloth to cheeseboards, and everything was sourced from The Emerald Isle. It has a simple decor with few traditional Irish paintings, soft pinks and greens gingham chairs, and bright windows overlooking their garden terrace.

Mulberry Garden offers a great tasting menu at an extremely affordable price. The seasonality of the produce is what drives this menu change.

This was my second graduation. It was the perfect meal. My eyes rolled to the back as I sipped on the starters, mains, and desserts. It was so good that my entire family loved it. We often recall it after every meal. My dad has gone on the hunt to find the wine that night but hasn’t been successful so I’ll have my mom bring him back to try it.

This is Irish cuisine at its finest.

2. Bastible

Bastible is a modern bistro that makes it difficult to book.

Grainne O’ Keefe has made it to the Top Three with her third and final place on this list.

They rely on seasonal produce and are inspired by their small team to create food that is inspired by the creative spirit of their small team.

Bastible’s name comes from a flat-bottomed and cast iron pot that was used for baking during the nineteenth century in Ireland. Every morning, the Dublin 8 eatery bakes 48-hour fermented and sourdough loaf using modern reproductions of these pots.

A set menu is available from Wednesday to Saturday, and it changes frequently. On Sundays, expect a family-style lunch.

This is a truly memorable dining experience.

3. Forest Avenue

Forest Avenue (and Forest And Marcy), challenges expectations.

Forest Avenue is perfect in every way: beautiful dining room, innovative cuisine, great prices and excellent service.

The neighbourhood diner is located at Sussex Terrace in Dublin 4; it carries all of its good qualities – they do so with poise and precision, rather than trying to force ideas down your throat.

John Wyer and Sandy Wyer are a passionate husband/wife team that runs the restaurant.

Forest Avenue is the best place to find a unique meal.

4. Meet Me in The Morning

Turn left from Camden Street to find the adorable cafe, where coffee lovers can relax on the long bench.

The cafe is owned and operated by Kevin Powell, a friend, and Brian O’Keefe. They specialize in fresh, seasonal, Dublin-sourced foods. They have a wide range of delicious and colorful dishes.

Brunch can be a unique and exciting option, with delicious sweet treats as a seal.

There is a wall inside that is covered in polaroids. They were sent by an anonymous customer, who travels the world and sends new pictures every couple months. As you drink a cup coffee, you can spend hours admiring each one.

5. The Fumbally

Dublin’s Fumbally is a place for foodies.

The Fumbally is my favorite place to eat in New York City. I often ask food bloggers, critics, chefs, and cookbook heads where they are most fondly located.

The Fumbally Cafe has a wide range of delicious dishes, including salads and 3FE coffee. You can get a spot early to avoid disappointment.

The large cafe’s menu features eggs and meat (eggs with added Gubbeen smoked ham), pulled poretta, ciabatta, slow-roasted pork, caper sauce, and spiced apples sauce) as well as their Fumbally eggs (scrambled eggs with olive oil and Gubbeen cheese, garlic, and tomatoes on toasty brioche).

6.Uno Mas

Uno Mas is a sister restaurant to Etto and offers a delicious menu with tapas-inspired dishes.

The venue features a long interior and traditional decor. Paul McNamara (formerly of Locks) is the host. The staff are top-notch. You can choose from starters, mains or desserts. All offer interesting flavour pairings.

Uno Mas’s key is the provenance. All aspects of Uno Mas are taken into account, even the olive oil. The place has been buzzing ever since it opened late last year. However, it’s still quite difficult to get a reservation. This place is perfect for a date night or special occasion. It will definitely make you smile and it will be a memorable meal.

7. Terra Madre

Terra Madre is my go-to casual restaurant.

Although it looks small inside, you won’t notice it once you get inside.

Terra Madre is my go-to recommendation for dinner.

It’s simple, with only a few tables, red and blue gingham tablecloths, and a few friendly wine-loving Italians waiting to take your order. The wine is great and the food is fresh.

Here is my favourite dish: truffle ravioli. Simple, flavorful and affordable.

8. Lucky Tortoise

The Lucky Tortoise is one of Dublin’s best places to eat Asian grub.

The original concept was a pop-up at The Hill Pub in Ranelagh, but is now packed every night at their permanent premises on Aungier Street.

Their Dim Sum is a great choice. All the dishes are available for as low as EUR20. Yes, really.

You can also enjoy red cabbage and pork siumai, cumin-chilli lamb skewers, and pork and chive stuffed dumplings.

9. Urchin

While Urchin may not be often on your radar when you think about the best Dublin cocktail venues, the amazing drinks they offer will surprise you every time.

This stunning space is located beneath Cliff Townhouse hotel and is surrounded with colourful, wave-like patterns.

Ryan Pedlar was the head mixologist and worked tirelessly with Sean Smith to create two delicious menus that perfectly complemented one another. In terms of quality, the menus at Urchin were equally good, so it’s a great restaurant as well as a bar.

Ferrero Rocher cocktails have changed the game. They combine dessert and drink in one.

10. Little Frieda’s

Little Frieda’s is a beloved neighbourhood cafe that’s located in Dun Laoghaire Industrial Estate and serves up seasonal food as well as speciality coffee.

The cafe’s decor is very simple, but it’s trendy. It has a vintage feel with its white brick walls, wooden chairs, and tiled floors. But it also features brightly coloured cushions, wall art, and miniature flower jars.

The restaurant offers a variety of breakfast options, as well as a brunch menu on weekends.

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